Final decision

I had decided to close this blog and just concentrate in 1 blog:D
So,relink me as soon as possible.

THE URL: teeniemann.blogspot.com

I will only link up those i wanna to link:D
So,relink me soon:D

you can try your luck by tagging,say that you want me to link you:D

That's all(:

Should I?

I feel like closing this cyberworld blog and just concentrate in my normal blog.
Should I?
I feel lazy because i need to update 2 blogs.
I need some opinions.
Help me please(:




Went to Geylang Methodist Secondary School for Thinking day's rehearsal.

i thought geylang methodist secondary school is a girl school but i saw boys there,lols
We are going to dance with Bukit Panjang Government High School and some brownies.(:
Our dance is quite simple,dance with coins.LOLS
Hope Mrs Nathan will like it,haha.
Ohya,their school GG damn cool :

So cool right?
After that,took train to redhill to meet someone and back to JE Interchange .
Went IMM for lunch.

Ellie draws one(:

Reached home at 7plus.

Christy's hp so nice(:


Meet Stella and Sizhen at JE Interchange and went to Fairprice to buy the ingredients for our Health Zone healthy foods: Pineapple jam and muffins.
After meet Ellie and went to Daiso to buy things.

Saw it at Fairprice(: I want to eat lar,haha
meet them at 10:30am and we reached Ellie's house at 2:30pm,see how much times we spend on buy ingredients and stuffs? thank to stella and ellie for wasting so much times in Daiso -.-

Saw this at Daiso(: Cute right? Going to buy it,maybe.(:
Start to make our muffins and pineapple jam:D
Love ellie's mum so much,she is so good (Y)
Our muffins ended up like... but the jams is nice(:

Reached home at about 6:30plus.
Study for Social Studies D:
Hope can score well for it:D


As per normal,went school early in the morning and study for common test.
Went back home with Stella after school cos Nina and Ellie having Math Retest.
Evening went to jog with aunt (Y).
Study for Physics Class Test at night.a lot of tests sial


Never go for HCL lesson today.
Went to Bukit Panjang Government High School for the dance practice during CCA.
Their school damn nice and big. envy

Practice until 5plus.
take MRT to Marsiling to meet my mum.
go back M'sia to take some clothes and books to s'pore.:D

Way to M'sia and saw this,so nice right? (L)

That's all:D


Sorry people for not updating.
I'm really busy everyday..
Have lotsa tests and homework are saying 'Hello.' to me EVERYDAYD:

Have A-math retest today
thank Charity for helping me. NOT CHEATING HOR

Then CHUM.

English lesson is fun today(:
We have to act. Alif and Ithir damn cute and sexy. Whole class laughed like mad even Mrs Anba:)


Chemistry class test was okay because i have studied:D
Hope can score well for it(:

Damn tiring.
CCA until 6:30pm++
then took bus to interchange with Stella,Sizhen,Nina,Ellie and Samuel.
Talk and talk and talk about someon :X
After that,took 334 with Ellie and Nina.
Reached home at about 8plus.
Damn damn damn late can. WTH.
Tomorrow still have CCA from 8am-5pm.
I'm going to die lar. Everyday have so many things waiting for me to do.

ANYWAY,GIRL GUIDES GOT GOLD FOR PNA(:(:(: Girl guides is now same as NCC hor,dont play play(: Girl guides rocks<3

This is my school life(:

Will update soon(: (L)

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